Free Sony Vaio Laptop

This is the first time I am selling this informational guide to the public in general! Do NOT mistake this guide for a wholesale list, "government auction info", or how-to-get your car sponsored info etc. because it is not. There is not club or membership to join. This method is unlike anything else. And no, I'm not talking about sprinting out your local Best Buy with a flat screen monitor under your arm. If you would like to know how you can receive free laptop(s) as well as many other consumer electronics for your home and car (the most you will pay is just the shipping costs occasionally) for free, then please read on.


Free Laptops, Free In Dash Flip Out DVD Players, Flat Tube TVs, HI-FI Surround Sound System, LCD Monitors & TVs, and Much More!

Please note all products pictured in this site are actual real examples of some of the models I haved received 100% free within the last couple years.


.: Free items I have received within the last 6 weeks :.

  1. Long Range Phone (15 Miles!)
  2. PS2 Mod chip (no solder)
  3. 15GB Apple iPod
  4. LCD Flat Panel
  5. PS2 with 3 Games
  6. Palm Tungsten
  7. Panasonic DVD Player
  8. XBox SE
  9. Multi LCD Displays and Stand
  10. Free laptop
Free electronics received:
Please note all products pictured in this site are actual real examples of some of the models I have received 100% free within the last couple years.

LCD Flat Panel I received: COST-->FREE!
LCD flat panel

Dash DVD Player I received: COST-->FREE!

I personally 100% guarantee that if you try my guide, you can receive state of the art electronics completely free.

Dash DVD player

My Palm m515 : COST-->FREE!

If you have access to the internet and a mailing address (your house or apartment will work), then you have everything you need to begin receiving brand new top of the line electronics (or free laptops) for free.. Guaranteed! There is no catch, no hidden costs, no strings attached!


My Panasonic DVD Player: COST-->FREE!

DVD player


Palm I received: COST-->FREE!

G4 I received: COST-->FREE!

LCD Flat Panel I received: COST-->FREE!

Actual Invoice
that I received from companies by using this guide

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Don't bother with wholesale when it is possible to receive all the items pictured above (and more) completely free.
Until my recent retirement, I was the Chief Marketing Director of north America for a major global distribution firm, one of the largest in the world, for 8 years. I worked at the agency for a total of over 20 years. During my career, I have received just about every electronic devices you can think of for free. Actually I have had companies before that beg to send me additional free products, no joke! I have received thousands of free electronics. My house and condo are filled with some of the latest entertainment systems including HDTVs, DVD players/changers, laptops, mini-disc players, and many other great consumer electronics and computer equipment. All of my vehicles are equipped with TFT LCD monitors, DVD players/changers, CD players/changers, navigation systems, audio systems, and much more; all completely free. My latest being a nice plasma HDTV. I have given several of these mobile electronics to my co-workers, friends, and family. I also have sold many of the free products and have made big $$$$$ which helped out with my early retirement.

Now that I am retired, for the first time ever I am able to expose this to the public. I searched on Google and Yahoo for an hour or two, and I could not find any information whatsoever on this method; hence not many people at all know about this. This concept is already well known by high positioned employees at most marketing and distribution firms since it is part of their daily job. I have worked over 20 years in this field and I know exactly how the system works.

My guide should provide you with any of your computer and home and mobile multimedia needs;
these are just a few examples:

  • Free Laptops (sony, toshiba, apple etc.)
  • Flat Tube Color TVs
  • Digital Surround Sound Systems
  • LCD Monitors for home and car
  • DVD Players AND Changers for home and car
  • Digital Cameras
  • VCD Players
  • Mobile DVD Players
  • Stereo Systems with Mini-Disc Changers
  • 2.4 GHZ Cordless Phones
  • Digital Satellite Decoders
  • MP3 Players
  • Flat Speakers
  • Cordless Phones w/ 20 Mile Range (Why pay $20+/month for a cell?)
  • Video Phones
  • Cable Modems
  • Home and Vehicle Alarms
  • And much, much more

Price: $52

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